By helping our clients develop the ability to relate and work effectively across cultures, we help create strong leaders and teams that are

  • better at innovating,
  • better at decision making,
  • quicker at executing and
  • more cost-effective, regardless of the field they are operating in.

CQ Savvy tailors its training for each client’s specific needs.


Our services include.

One-on-one coaching and training

We offer personalized one-on-one training either in person on virtually. This is ideal for leaders, C-suite executive and ambitious professionals who are either working within culturally diverse, geographically distributed or cross-functional teams or are relocating abroad for an international assignment. This service is also excellent for sales, and business development professionals who sell to diverse markets or who have make frequent short-term trips.

Group training, corporate training and workshops

We offer customized and highly interactive experiential learning workshops for various group sizes. This is ideal for culturally diverse teams or teams that work in a culturally diverse market, to help them understand or “get” the importance of relating across cultures to become more successful.

Expat soft-landing and repatriation services

We help expats and their families achieve a soft landing in a new country and culture so they can live and work successfully in their new home, make new friends and continue to build their networks for professional and personal advancement.

We also help expats and their family when they are returning home after a long stint abroad.

These services are available in English, French, Hungarian and Hindi.

Diversity and inclusion consulting

We help organizations achieve their diversity and inclusion goals by leveraging the diversity within their team into a competitive advantage. This way diversity is not only a checklist item, but the entire team learns to appreciate it for the benefits it brings to the team as well as the company’s bottom line. We focus on the entire hiring and onboarding lifecycle so the outcome is beneficial to both the under-represent individuals as well the organization as a whole.


We can deliver customized talks on various topics that are tailored to be relevant to your organization. Topics including cross-cultural leadership, entrepreneurship, social impact, experiential travel, diversity and inclusion, cultural intelligence and country-specific topics. Talks about other topics can also be developed.

This service is available in English, French, and Hungarian.

We are here to serve you

We are here to serve you and help you become successful and confident in today’s borderless world. If you have any questions about the service above if you’d like to discuss other needs, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Turn the diversity of your team into an asset.

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